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Affiliate Program




Join our Affiliate Program Today
We pride ourselves in great quality and customer service. Our sales and products are in high demand. We generally focus on women products because statically women shops online more then man. Do you have what it takes to make extra money or to be able to quit your day job.
You can create your own banners and promote our products on many different outlets.
We do not want our product to be promoted on Porn sites or other sites that are harmful to people. You will have A rep assign to you if you need any help with your program or have any questions. 
Payments are made weekly on Paypal or direct deposit. We can make daily payouts if you hit a goal of $200 sales a day. 
What products do you sale?
We sale Waist Trainers, Virgin Hair, Hair Care, Women apparel, Cosmetics
Why become an affiliate with your company?
We provide quality product which women love and its 50% off. We are expanding o electronics and other products later this month. We make sure your paid on time and we also give bonuses to top sales rep.
What product is your best seller?
Waist Trainers/ Cosmetics and Hair care
of our Affiliates are making 3,000 -5,000 a month selling our inexpensive products. We only sell the best qualities.
Please register here. I will be paying $10-$20 per sale. Please sign up to be affiliate or Marketer https://perfectoira.refersion.com/?oid=10979